University of Michigan Theater 100 October 8, 2015 Back To The Place Where Our Story Begins, motherfuckers!! Join Team Starkid as we return to our Alma Mater to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Dept. Of Theater & Drama. We'll be putting on a variety show to end all variety shows as we strive to prove to our peers and professors that we are, in fact, good and successful. Will we earn the approval that we crave in our most secret and desperate of hearts? We'd better!
Elsie Fest September 27, 2015 Join Team Starkid as we team back up with our oldest friend, Darren Criss! What for, you ask? Elsiefest, of course! What's Elsiefest? It's a fest for Elsie, dummy! We'll be performing 30 minutes of live music, and trying to keep up with some bona-fide Broadway star-power. Curious to see how we stack up? Come to New York and find out!
GeekyCon July 30 - August 2, 2015 You know what's wrong with Harry Potter conventions? NOT GEEKY ENOUGH! Join Team Starkid at the FIRST...EVER...GEEKYCON!! Team Starkid returns to orlando to celebrate the ability to geek out over not only Harry Potter, but also Disney properties as well! We will be performing classics as well as debuting for the first time ever (in concert), songs from both Ani! and The Trail to Oregon! Get Your Geek On!!™
Starfury Presents: G5 Encore July 10-12, 2015 OUR BOY IS ON GLEE! And by "our boy", I mean TEAM STARKID! And by "On Glee", I mean ATTENDING A GLEE CONVENTION! Join Team Starkid as we revisit London for another Starfury Convention. We will be signing stuff, taking pictures, doing a little improv, and who knows...maybe someone will make us official Lords and Ladies of the realm! ....A theater group can dream....
Trail to Oregon! In New York City!! May 26-31, 2015 The Trail to Oregon! is an original musical produced by Starkid Productions. It is also the most historically accurate musical portraying the Oregon Trail to date; featuring 12 educational songs, a set precisely replicating the trail’s landscape, and appearances from famous historical figures, such as: Henry McDoon, Cletus Jones, and Cornwallis.
Starkid Takes Manhattan! April 12, 2014 Start spreading the news! I'm leaving today! I want to be a part of it, Manhattan, MANHATTAN! Those famous lyrics that we all know so well couldn't be more true, because - you guessed it - STARKID IS TAKING MANHATTAN! Join us for a two-concert day of singin', dancin', and bein' real cool. So strap on those vagabond shoes and meet us in the city that never sleeps, because Starkid is Taking Manhattan!
Click here for tickets!
Midwinter Gaming Convention 2014 January 17-19, 2014 Dust off those boots of +10 larping Skillz, and come join Team Starkid at the 2014 Midwinter Gaming Convention! We'll be live-action rele-playing as professional actors as we screen A Very Potter Senior Year, Holy Musical Batman!, and our newest show, Twisted: The Untold Story of A Royal Vizier. We'll also be doing Q&A's, so start leveling up those questioning abiliities.
Digitour Presents: DigiFest LA December 14, 2013 Look! Up in the sky! It's a Digimon! It's Bobby Digital! NO! IT'S DIGIFEST!!!! Hop on your light cycles and come join Team Starkid as we sing and dance on stage at the Digitour's DIGIFEST LA! We'll be performing with our all-male barbershop sub-group, so if you love dreamy harmonies, then this is your jam. And get this: We're gonna do a Hall & Oates cover. Did you hear me? HALL & F****ING OATES!
LeakyCon Portland 2013 June 27-30, 2013 Grab your wands and your butter flavored cream sodas, because Team Starkid is returning to LeakyCon 2013! And this time it's personal-errr, in Portland! Join the team for a concert extravaganza unseen by the likes of man, celebrating the entire "A Very Potter" Series songbook! Nothing? Nothing? Tra-La-La?
LeakyCon London 2013 August 8-11, 2013 Think one LeakyCon per year is enough? F***ing WRONG! Join Team Starkid at LeakyCon London, where we will be trying out our British accents, eating "pasties", commenting on how different common things seem...oh, and PUTTING ON AN AWESOME CONCERT! Hear the entire AVP songbook like never before - LIVE!
Ring*Con 2013 October 18-20, 2013 Wie gehts mein schatz? Come hither and join Team Starkid on their second journey to the magical land of RingCon! Hobbits and Orcs and Lannisters, Oh My! We will fill the lovely city of Bonn with such beautiful music, you'll forget all about that OTHER musician from Bonn.
INVA3ION May 3-5, 2013 Look. Up there...IN SPACE!! Prove your mettle as a Starship Ranger by hanging with Team Starkid at Invasion, the UK's Ultimate Sci-Fi Convention! Get those moon shoes gussied up, bust open your Dippin' Dots© , and let the countdown begin towards a seriously fun, out-of-this-world good time.
Midwinter Gaming Convention 2012 January 19-22, 2012 Grab your boots of +10 Larping Skillz and join Team Starkid at the 2012 Midwinter Gaming Convention! Games, panels, and readings of never-before-heard works will keep you warm in this cold winter playland, along with a first time ever live screening of the uncensored, original cut of A Very Potter Musical!