Bug wants to be a Starship Ranger, but there's one thing they are he's not... human! On a far off world, one small alien bug sets out to find love and save the universe! So get ready because the Future is Now!

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Joey Richter - Bug
Joseph Walker - Up
Lauren Lopez - Taz, Bugette
Dylan Saunders - Tootsie Noodles, Pincer
Denise Donovan - February
Brian Holden - Junior, Veeto Mosquito
Meredith Stepien - Mega-Girl
Julia Albain - Specs
Brant Cox - Roach
Jim Povolo - Overqueen, Sweetheart Mosquito
Joe Moses - Krayonder
Jaime Lyn Beatty - Neato Mosquito
Nick Lang - The Caller Bug, Mister Bug



Book - Joseph Walker, Nick Lang, Matt Lang, Brian Holden
Music - Darren Criss
Director - Matt Lang, Nick Lang
Choreography - Denise Donovan
Music Director - Clara Wong
Set - Corey Lubowich
Costumes - June Saito
Light - Sarah Petty
Sound Design - Mark Swiderski
Stage Manager - Angele Kiessel
3D Puppet Design - Russ Walko, Artie Esposito, Carrie Kiker, Brett O'Quinn



Clark Baxtresser – Keyboard
Jack Stratton – Drums
Synthesizer - Max Evrard
Guitar - Justin LaForte, Jeff Himes
Bass - Jacob Saleh