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It’s been ten incredible years since the premiere of AVPM in Ann Arbor. Which is why we’ve cooked up this year-long 10niversary celebration for all you StarKids out there! With your help, we want to celebrate the first decade of StarKid with two events: one that’s fresh and new, and one that takes us back to the place where our story began... 

StarKid Homecoming

Black Friday


About StarKid

A viral sensation
— Vanity Fair
The future of musical theater
— The Chicago Tribune
— Entertainment Weekly

In 2009, two hundred people crammed into a tiny black box theater at the University of Michigan to see a parody musical about wizards, and witches, and magical beasts. The show was made on a shoestring budget, free to attend, and ran for one weekend. One of the four performances was recorded and uploaded to YouTube as A Very Potter Musical (because that was easier than making DVDs for the cast and crew). And thus, ten years ago, StarKid was born. Little did we know that much more than just the cast would be watching.

StarKid has been creating musical comedies and uploading them to YouTube ever since. Over the last decade, StarKid has produced 11 full length musicals (including parodies of Disney, Star Wars, Batman, and The Oregon Trail), gone on national concert tours, had #1 albums on the Billboard Charts, performed sketch shows with The Second City in Chicago, and performed at conventions, meeting fans all over the world. 

Individually, members of StarKid have gone on to star in Broadway shows like Book of Mormon and Sunset Boulevard, been on TV in GleeAmerican Crime Story, and The Flash, written their own books, plays, music, films, and more!