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Please reach out via Kickstarter for Kickstarter reward questions!

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Starkid Productions is represented by CESD Talent Agency.

Please direct Business inquiries to Pat Brady


  • How can I audition to be in a StarKid show?
    We do not do open casting calls for our shows and do not take submissions. Sorry! Maybe you could try mounting one of our shows at your school/in your community instead!

  • How can I produce my own production of a StarKid show?
    We’re very excited to be able to license certain StarKid shows for you to produce with your school or organization!
    Click here for more information about what shows we license and how to reach

  • Do you have sheet music available for a particular StarKid song?
    We do not have sheet music for most of the StarKid repertoire, save for Twisted which you can
    buy here!

  • Do you ship StarKid merchandise internationally?
    Yes! Our friends at Ann Arbor Tees can ship anywhere in the world (though shipping rates might not be great… sorry!)

  • Will I be able to play StarKid DVDs in my country?
    Yes! StarKid DVDs are region-free and can be played in any DVD player.

  • Can you wish me a Happy Birthday?
    Yes! Happy Birthday!

  • Will you make a second season of Little White Lie?

  • Why is the company called StarKid?
    StarKid Potter was the original username created for the YouTube channel when A Very Potter Musical was first uploaded. It’s taken from a line Draco says in the show. “Look at this! Rocketship Potter! Star Kid Potter! Moonshoes Potter! Traversing the galaxy for intergalactic travels to Pigfarts!”

  • I never received my Kickstarter reward!
    That’s not a question! Please message us through Kickstarter and we will do our best to find a solution! Please note that we are unable to handle Kickstarter support via email/Twitter/Instagram/etc.

  • Are you hiring/can I intern with StarKid?
    We are not currently hiring, but if we ever are we’ll likely post about it on Facebook or Twitter!

  • Why aren’t most StarKid albums on Spotify?
    Unfortunately, Spotify and other subscription streaming music services do not pay very well unless you’re generating millions of streams (like Taylor Swift), so we are unable to host our music there. Maybe someday down the line! But in the meantime, it means the world to us if you are able to purchase our albums on iTunes/Amazon/etc. Or you can just listen to the music for free in the shows we upload to YouTube!