show licensing

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  • What shows are available for licensing?

    Currently Firebringer, The Trail To Oregon, and Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier are available.

  • How much does licensing a show cost?

    We charge $110 per performance for any show.

  • Are there versions that are, ummm… more appropriate for my school?

    Yes! We have All-Ages versions of Firebringer and The Trail To Oregon, and you have permission to edit the book for Twisted as you see fit for your cast and audience.

  • Do you have backing tracks?

    Currently, we only have backing tracks for The Trail To Oregon (available for an extra $25 per performance), but we hope to expand our backing track collection soon!

  • How do we get the materials?

    Once we have a signed contract and payment, we will deliver a digital version of the book and score.

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