holy musical, b@man!

Holy musical, Batman! It's time for crime-fighting shenanigans with everyone's second favorite superhero (right after Spider-Man). After witnessing the murder of his parents, a young billionaire makes a solemn vow to dress up like a bat and wage a one-man war on the rouges of Gotham. So get ready to see the Dark Knight the way you always dreamed of... singing and dancing!


Joseph Walker - Batman
Nick Lang - Robin
Brian Holden - Superman
Jeff Blim - Sweet Tooth
Chris Allen - Alfred Pennyworth/Lucius Fox/O'Malley/Qwang Li/Spider-Man, Two-Face
Dylan Saunders - Scarecrow, Green Lantern, Narrator, Egghead
Lauren Lopez - Commissioner Gordon, Calendar Man, Evil King Arthur, Green Arrow
Nico Ager - Sluggers, Sherlock Holmes
Julia Albain - Vicki Vale, Evil Mother Goose
Jaime Lyn Beatty - Candy, Poison Ivy
Denise Donovan - Catwoman
Jim Povolo - Matches Malone, Mr. Freeze
Meredith Stepien - Riddler, Chase Meridian
Nicholas Strauss - Penguin, Police Chief O'Hara,Mr. Mxyzptlk


Book - Nick Lang, Matt Lang
Music - Nick Gage, Scott Lamps
Director - Matt Lang, Nick Lang
Choreography - Katie Spelman
Music Director - Scott Lamps, Nick Gage
Set - Corey Lubowich
Costumes - June Saito
Light - Sarah Petty
Sound Design - Mark Swiderski
Stage Manager - Angele Kiessel
Hair & Makeup - Lana McKinnon



Nick Gage - Synth 1
Scott Lamps - Synth 2
Max Evrard - Synth 3
Justin Kono - Drums